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How I came up with the IDEA Strategy

Hi, I’m Stephen Ostler. I believe that everything starts with an idea. Ideas turn into action, and actions to success... and this is my success story.

I started working at a young age delivering newspapers on my bicycle. Then I used that money and invested in my own lawn equipment. I started mowing lawns within our neighborhood then I grew the small business to nearly 40 accounts throughout Salt Lake County. I created efficient systems and an efficient route to accommodate more customers which led to hiring friends and family to work for me. At that time I made more money working part- time than my school teachers working full- time. My plan was to make money, have fun and eventually collect passive income from my lawn business while I served for two years in South Africa.

Spring of 1999, I got married and attended Utah State University. A year later, I started up a marketing company by helping other students get their first credit cards. I offered students a free t-shirt and a pair of Sunglasses for applying for five credit cards. I traveled to numerous Universities throughout the United States for 13 weeks in the Fall and was a full-time student during the Spring and Summer. Each year I earned a high 6 figure income and built a portfolio of rental properties within walking distance of USU. By the time I graduated, I had owned 12 properties for a total of 32 rental units. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics

Of course, my story is not a success without the challenges that I faced.

The first challenge was The Great Recession/Financial Crisis of 2007 which forced me to liquidate everything I owned and even had our home foreclosed on. I had loaned the equity in all my rentals to builders and investors that had become insolvent and declared bankruptcy. I was desperately trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

The second challenge came when my wife became extremely discouraged and frustrated that all her financial security that I provided was now gone. I made it worse by putting additional pressure and extra workload on her. This stress started building tension in my marriage as she was trying to raise two children and help me. It got to the point she was thinking about separating. She told me that she did not sign up to be my business partner, but rather to be my wife and take care of the kids. She told me that I could find a way to provide for the family if I would just believe in myself and had faith in God. I took that wise counsel to heart and everything started to turn around.

2009 I focused on working on my marketing and sales skills. I opened up my insurance company, Insure First. Then the idea of purchasing leads online came about, I was only one of the few who ventured to buying leads online.

The third challenge happened in 2014. After 5 years of working 6 days per week, 10 hours a day on a computer, I had injured myself. I had carpal tunnel in both wrists and tendonitis from my fingertips to my elbows. I had endoscopic surgery and the doctor told me to find a way to stop the excessive computer work or my body would not heal and I would permanently be injured.

In 2015 I decided to let my staff run the insurance agency as I stepped away and healed from injury. I outsourced additional labor and hired virtual assistants. I also created a sales system and automated it. It brought my cost down and increased my revenue as well as gave my body the rest it needed to heal me and give me more time to spend with my family.

2016 I got into Real Estate Sales. I made a list of ideal clients and targeted them. I implemented the exact sales system I created with Insure First and continued to evolve and develop it. I figured out how to generate my own exclusive leads on Google and Facebook and I became the No. 1 independent agent in Utah with over $1 million a year in commission for 5 years.

2020 I started teaching classes at EXP Realty. I teach realtors how they can do their exclusive lead generation, systematize and automate their processes and generate a 7-figure income.

Then I crossed paths with all types of business owners wondering how I do it and if they can do the same for their businesses - Accountants, Financial Planners, Loan Officers, Attorneys, etc. I found that my business sales model worked great for most businesses that followed my systems and processes. The main differentiated factor is the product or the service.

I rebuilt my Real Estate Portfolio, at this time I have 20 rentals and have more passive income than expenses. I could have a comfortable life and live off of passive income. I have been happily married for 23 years with 5 kids.

Now, I decided to continue because I thoroughly enjoy helping people and seeing them grow.

This is when I decided to start helping other businesses outside of my niche. I created Beyond Leads. We help business owners by integrating our core IDEAs into their sales processes and systems known as IDEA - Innovate Develop Execute Amplify to increase other business owners' revenue by 6 to 7 figures per year.

It's time to put that idea of yours into action.

Cheers to your SUCCESS,

Stephen Ostler

Stephen Ostler

Founder and CEO of Beyond Leads

Founder and CEO of Beyond Leads


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